Welcome to Moodle@Paul Quinn College, our online distance learning environment. Your "virtual classroom" is housed in Moodle. Moodle is an online course management system designed to help educators and students share in effective online learning. We are excited about this new chapter in our efforts to provide the highest quality of technical education for educators and students.

* Moodle works like other online course systems. 

* After logging in you will see a list of your courses.

* You then click on the course name to access your course site.
* In your course site, you find all the required assignments and activities.
* In Moodle's environment, participants can collaborate and learn from one another.



Your Username is:yourfirstintial+lastname+last3numbers in your student ID.

Your intial Password is "P@ssw0rd  

 Where the P is capitalized and the 0 is the number zero. (See example)



Password- P@ssw0rd   

**Tips for success in an On-line class***  

   1. You must be comfortable using on line communications (email, forums, chats)  
    2. You must attend your on-line course several times a week

    3. Communicate with your Instructor at least once a week

    4. You must be self motivated

    5. Read your directions and assignments carefully

    6. Submit your assignments on time.

    7. If something is not clear, ask your Instructor for clarity


Having a problem or need help with Moodle?  Submit a helpdesk request ticket at http://helpdesk.pqc.edu and someone will respond to your issue.  Please use your official school issued email address for communications.

Important note on course emails: You must use your College issued email address when taking PQC on line courses. All course related material will be sent to that email account.

 FAQ (under construction) check back soon 

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